Talent TV

Christian Content Services Platform Opening
a New Era with the Power of the Holy Spirit


About Us

What is Talent TV

Talent intends to add depth and width to the belief of the Christians in the Ontact era to help to lower the entry barrier
and enhance the image of Christianity for those who are not Christians
and to complete a new Christian platform, Christian content hub, by lowering it.

Talent TV : LIVE
Talent TV : LIVE
Worship (Regular, Seasonal)
Testimony (Influencer)
Talent TV : HYMN
Talent TV : HYMN
Talent TV : BIBLE
Talent TV : BIBLE
Bible Studies
Experience Display
Talent TV : STORE
Talent TV : STORE
Public Store
Private Store

Talent TV


Live Streaming & VOD : Talent TV operates a live streaming service that collects real-time online
church service videos into a platform and streams them back simultaneously
so that the platform will make services available for everyone for free on Talent Platform.

Sermon (Preaching)
Sermon (Preaching)
Talent TV provides streaming services that separate the sermon parts from the online services. This service is to be provided with the categorization by church, preacher, contents, and generations for users can search the content they would like to watch.
Praise (Hymn)
Praise (Hymn)
Talent TV provides audio streaming and downloading services. It contains the praises performed by the choirs of different churches and gospels and CCM sung by singers or bands as videos. Downloading services for instrumental music, and music sheets will be available for download.
Testimony (Testimony)
Testimony (Testimony)
Talent TV provides testimony streaming services. They deliver the vivid stories of influencers such as entertainers and celebrities, so the audience is given the momentum to reflect their lives on and strengthen their beliefs.
Talent Store

Talent Store

Talent Store is a service for easy and safe trading of different products of existing online markets and offline markets that demands online services that sell products for churches and religion. As with a blockchain-based platform, Talent Store allows transparent and safe trading regarding the payment system.


Talent TV system

Platform Overview

Platform Structure Platform Structure
Platform Structure
Talent will build a blockchain-based trading and payment system to resolve traffic issues that can be caused by a large number of downloads of huge videos or audio files or a high increase in the number of users, protect the copyright of the content via Smart Contract and secure the safety and transparency of the trades on the Talent Store with the distributed ledger.
Rewards System Rewards System
Rewards System
TNT Tokens and TNT Points are used as a measure for exchanging values and rewards. TNT Token is used as the basic payment method for all trades made on the platform, TNT Tokens purchased on the exchange can be exchanged for TNT points via TNT exclusive wallet that is to be developed in the future, and the users can use exchanged TNT Points to purchase charged services on the platform.

Talent Ecosystem

Ecosystem Overview

Ecosystem Overview Ecosystem Overview

The Talent ecosystem is joined by a wide range of Christian members,
including users, churches, religious organizations, non-profit organizations, and media producers.

Talent Token Information

Token Issuance & Allocation Plan

Token Issuance Plan
Token Issuance Plan
STANDARD Ethereum ERC20 TOTAL SUPPLY 1,000,000,000 TNT
Token Issuance Plan
TOTAL SUPPLY 1,000,000,000 TNT
Token Allocation Plan
Token Allocation Plan
  • Team Advisor Partner (10%)100,000,000 TNT
  • Token Sale (7%)70,000,000 TNT
  • Foundations (20%)200,000,000 TNT
  • Ecosystem (30%)300,000,000 TNT
  • Marketing (7%)70,000,000 TNT
  • Development (15%)150,000,000 TNT
  • Legal/accounting/reserve funds (11%)110,000,000 TNT



  • 2022 Q2
    Talent platform launched
    Whitepaper ver 0.1 Published
  • 2022 Q3
    Developing the Talent platform
    Content production company and seller agreement
    Launch the Talent Store payment system
    Start downloading audio and music sheet
    Start developing mobile apps
  • 2022 Q4
    Open Talent platform (Web/App)
  • 2023 ~
    Platform Advanced
    Extend content services